19 November 2014

{Release Day} for True Blue by Jules Barnard

True Blue by Jules Barnard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: New Adult
THEME: Romance, Contemporary

Mira Frasier has worked hard to pull herself out of the darkness of her Tahoe reservation childhood, but rough beginnings shape a person in all the wrong ways. Mira gets mixed up with shady people while trying to bail out her destitute mother—and now Mira’s life is in danger.

Tyler Morgan grew up a star athlete and scholar, but a tragedy he hasn’t dealt with has him regrouping in his home town of South Lake Tahoe. The last person he expects to see is Mira, the girl he lost his virginity to in high school, and the only woman who ever took a piece of his heart. He’d rather live in a tent than do what his sister asks and stay with Mira while they figure out how to keep her safe from the men who attacked her.

To ensure Mira remains in his past where she belongs, Tyler agrees to look out for her temporarily until she’s safe enough to move out on her own. And if he has to push that process along by snooping around and figuring out what she’s hiding, he’ll do that too. Only, Mira is still beautiful, and she’s feisty as hell, and she has all his attention—just like she did six years before.

Mira is driving Tyler crazy, the tension between them off the charts while they’re trapped under the same roof. Something is going to crack. Will it be Mira’s last hold on a haunted life, or Tyler’s self-control around the one girl he’s never been able to get over?


I’m a new fan to the Blue series; Jules Barnard writes an emotionally driven story with romance, heartbreak and family hardships. I enjoyed meeting the past couples from the previous two books and easily being able to know them without feeling lost. However I adored their chemistry as much as the couple in this book so I’ll definitely have to read book one and two.

True Blue follows Mira Fraiser who has always struggled with her mother not being there for her and choosing drugs and danger instead of her daughter. Luckily Mira was raised by her best friends loving parents, but she always felt she could find a way to earn her mothers love somehow. But years later Mira is in deep trouble with dangerous men all because of her mother and money, Mira now must lay low with the one boy whom she fell for in high school, Tyler. Together they slowly unravel their tragic pasts, mistakes and hopefully find a way to move on to their future.

Mira is a broken girl who cant seem to catch a break and has some bad luck whenever her mothers involved. Mira is a tough character, I had love hate battle for her because she was trying to get someone to love her (her mother) that clearly used her and didn’t care. Mira was truly loved by her bestie Lewis and his family, but she was stuck on a dream that her terrible mother would come to her sense. I felt so bad for Mira, I cant imagine the feeling of seeing your own mother fall so low. What I enjoyed most was that her best friend Lewis was her anchor, he supported her and protected her but he was also the voice of reason. She didn’t listen to him when he was clearly looking out for her but he was there not matter what…and that’s what counts. Mira’s connection to Tyler was such an emotion roller coaster, so much heartache, hope, tenderness and love, it was so much to take in but I enjoyed their journey.

Tyler had a better route in his upbringing as well has being popular and extremely smart throughout high school. Mira secretly admired and fell for him from afar, as Tyler also felt the same for Mira but neither decided to speak about it. Years pass and after their one and only night together their connection is strained but the chemistry is clearly still there. I loved Tyler because he was such a sweet guy who seriously kept making one mistake after the next when he dealt with Mira. He wanted to distance himself but his heart just couldn’t bear seeing her hurt nor being away from her.

Overall I was such a wreak reading this story because I just wanted something to go right for Mira and to shake the poor girl into reality. She was so loved by others but so blind. Tyler and Mira’s romance was steamy, tense and explosive, I couldn’t get enough of every scene they had together. The pace of this story was fast paced, starting with the past that leads up to the first encounter of the couple after so many years. I looked forward to reading the rest of the Blue series and more writing from the author.

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